What are the Important dates for Property Owners and Businesses?

January 1

“Assessment Date” Real Estate Property is appraised for tax purposes as to the condition of the land and buildings.

Property is assessed to the person whose name is on the deed as of January 1.

March 1Deadline for filing Coffee County Business Personal Property forms
March 15Deadline for registering Greenbelt applications for current tax year (15 acres or more)
May 1-15Assessment Change Notices are mailed.  Real Estate owners that have changed the condition of the property will be notified by mail.  All others will remain the same as the previous tax year.

Business Personal Property change notices will be mailed.
May 1-31Informal hearing begins, to discuss the appraised value.
June 1-15Coffee County Board of Equalization begins meeting.

Appointments must be made by calling 931-723-5126 and must be made no later than June 9th.
JulyGeneral time frame for Commissioners and Aldermen to establish Budget and Tax Rates.
September 1Last day to file an amended Personal Property Schedule for the previous tax year.

Last date of proration of real estate for current tax year.
OctoberCurrent year’s taxes become due and payable.

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1. What are the Important dates for Property Owners and Businesses?
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