Chancery Court

Mission Statement

Chancery Court is a court of equity with concurrent jurisdiction with Circuit Court of all divorce actions and of all civil cases, except those for unliquidated damages. The Local Rules of Court for the Fourteenth Judicial District are on the Chancery Court page. Information regarding discovery, setting cases for trial, specific Rules relating to domestic relations cases, and other pertinent information are contained therein. 

Other Uses

You may also access the court calendar on the Chancery Court page to determine dates set aside for non-jury civil cases, civil motions, divorce dates, currently set jury trials and dates relative to criminal court. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Chancery Court office.


The Clerk and Master and Deputy Clerks in Chancery Court strive to assist both the legal community and the general public in a courteous, timely and efficient manner. By law Clerks are not allowed to give legal advice regarding a specific circumstance but the Clerks will do their best to generally explain the court process and procedure. General information about probate, delinquent property taxes and domestic relations cases follows.

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